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Juniper is increasing my individual account APR from 7.99% to 12.99%, effective November 1, 2009. When I called, they said it was because of the financial crunch and not because of anything to do with my credit. It makes no sense for a company who wants to make money to increase their APR just as the holidays are approaching.

5% is a large increase; 2or 3% would have been understandable. My options are to accept the increase or reject it. If I reject it, my account is closed and I can pay off the balance at the lower APR.

I use my credit for emergencies and special things like visiting my 80 year old mother. I don't have a high balance nor do I have a large income. I resent this increase.

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I suggest you close the account with Juniper and open an account elsewhere.

I've had an account with this Co. for a

few years and they are nothing but headaches.

Over the limit, late fee or whatever else they can come up with. Been paying since 2007 and can never bring down the balance.


If you do business with Jumiper/Barclay, expect to get screwed. They are a rip off.

Remember that phrase, "Bait and Switch?" Get you hooked on a low interest rate, then wait til you have one mistep and you are stuck. I'm paying mine off now and closing the account in Jan to avoid negative credit rating.

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