I have read a lot of postings about Juniper Bank (Barclay's Bank) credit cards. I've had my card for about 7 or so years and have always paid my bill not only on time but well above the minimum amount due.

For YEARS. Had a 9.9% interest rate that they bumped up to 24.9% because I actually made my payment TWO DAYS EARLY! They posted it as a double payment for one month and a missed payment for the next. This is understandable, but when I called them and inquired about why my interest rate more than doubled, they absolutely refused to change the rate back, regardless of my excellent credit history with them.

Two days EARLY, and they refused to help. The "customer service" agent, who barely spoke intelligible english on the phone, was also a smart ***. Kept saying that the "good thing" about making a double payment one month was that I paid my balance down. What he meant was "don't pay attention to the fact that the 24.9% interest is going to kill you in fees now".

Paying this card off ASAP and canceling. I will NEVER willingly have any financial dealings with Barclay's Bank again.

I should have listened to my husband, who canceled his Barclay's card several years ago because of the same issues.

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