Thanks to the writer who posted the information about who to write at Juniper. I had a very brief -- and frustrating call with customer service.

My experience is not any diffeent than any of yours -- I was 2 days late with a payment (and I think I owed tham a whopping grand total of $160) and then got hit with the late fee and the ridiculous rate. Frankly, I could care less about keeping the card -- I really got it for the Itunes -- but I thought surely they don't know at the top of the compay that they are making such foolish decisions at the top of the company -- and it is my duty to tell someone. After reading all the postings -- looks like they know exactly what they are doing! I just wonder if Apple COmputer does -- I got the card strictly to buy Apple products.

They don't need their almost flawless brand image flawed by Juniper Banks!

Maybe I will cc: Steve Jobs on my letter!

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