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I truly believe that the prerequiste for working at this company is that you must be incompetent or foreign. They have not even sent me a statement since 11/08, yet they expected me to pay them right away with inflated interest rates and fees.

After cancelling my card due to fraud, they then sent my new card to the wrong address and couldn't figure out why it was sent back. They are also very underhanded in applying any late fees, which I would gladly pay if I was at fault.

They really need to be shut down. I am so done with them!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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It does not appear that their representatives in India have any clue. Every question I asked called for me being put on hold so that the phone rep could get an answer.

After I was unhappy with his answers, and I said that I was going to stop using their credit card, he said that was something I could choose if I wanted. I didn't want to before I made the call, but now I have.

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