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i never recieved a bill for one month than they call me and tell me im set up for online payment I never pay my bills online so now once again i have late fees and over the limit fees and i dont even use the card,they set me up for it on there own dont tell me and dont send me a bill if you dont get a bill how do you pay i have many payments a month how do they expect you to know one didnt come in till its too late?they dont they know they can get more money from you when they do that they are the worst credit card i have ever had

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Santa Rosa, New Mexico, United States #13410

Mr. M is assuming that a bank would not make an error. I disagree.

If a statement was not received, it could have been lost in the mail or misdelivered. You would be late for your payment and that would not be the bank's fault.

If the credit card company set you up for online banking without your knowledge, then something is really wrong. I would contact your Better Business Bureau to see if they can guide you.

Are you sure no one in your family had access to your card and might have set you up for online banking?

It seems odd that Juniper /Barclays could have set you up for something you did not agree to. Good luck.

Clintondale, New York, United States #13207

Are you complaining about being charged late fees when you paid your credit card bill late? And are you blaming it on the card issuer because you didn't receive your statement?

You are responsible for making those payments on time even if your statement doesn't arrive.

Be an adult, make yourself a list of what bills you have to pay each month and check it off so that you make each payment even if the statement doesn't show up.

And stop trying to blame someone else for your own mistake.

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