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I bought an Apple Computer for my son with this credit card We have had nothing but trouble with this card.They said that they never received our "first" payment and we accrued several hundred dollars in late and overlimit fees while I was disputing this Eventually after months of faxing them the cancelled money order and writing them increasingly more aggressive letters, they acknowledged the payment, but did not take care of all the fees.

This caused the card to go over the limit and then accrued another 39.00 fee. When I called them on this they would not take care of it, because "our account showed that they had removed charges in the past" nevermind that the charges were their fault. I am still having a difficult time getting the account cleared up, because I paid the amount that was over the limit and an additional 30.00 but the finance charges for that month were 31.00, so there was another over the limit fee. I have already cut this card up and will never use it again but this companies customer relations are HORRIBLE!

Do not use this company if you have any choice.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Cascade Locks, Oregon, United States #21418

I hear ya!I called the number on the back of the card before I made a purchase to make sure I had enough credit.

I was over-limit. I tried calling to straighten this out and kept getting the Phillipines. I have nothing against them, but I talk American and the connection makes it hard to understand.

I finally got one charge taken off, but it was not easy.On another day I got a call from them that someone got my card number and made a purchase, then got an email to sign up for protection.

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