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I have been a member with Juniper Bank for 2 and a half years, when I originally opened the account my "fixed" rate was 8.99%. The terms an agreement though has recently changed.

My rate went from 8.99 to 27.00 within a six month period. I had 1 payment that was 2 days late. And an overlimit fee of .50 cents. This is highway robbery!!!!

I have since called them to complain and the representitive told me that their was a "new terms and agreement" sent to all customers, and lowered my rate to 25.00%. Big deal I save fifty cents!!!.

This is not acceptable, and seems illegal to all cardmembers, as well as good timely paying customers. Just because 1 payment was late, within a year, this justifies them to triple my interest rate!!!!

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Simpson, England, United Kingdom #52645

I had aCapital One card for 9 years, not one late or missed payment-they jumped me from 6% to 29.4% as a sign of the times. My credit score is 760-Welcome to the world of greed and these butt heads want another 3 billion of tax payer money

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