i transferred a higher interest credit card balance to juniper. my rate was 7.99%.

the transfer took me into overlimit by 58$ they jacked my interest rate to 29.99%. my credit is excellent and i was never late. they would not offer to lower my rate. they simply state that there was no lower rate offered at the time but if I wait a couple months they may be able to help me.

At this point they would have collected hundreds of dollars in interest. I closed the account. I am pissed.

never use this card. borrower BEWARE

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Moved my interest rate to 29.99 for no reason. Very bad bank!


talk to family, call friends

send email to correspondence@juniper.com

post complaints on twitter

be loud be persistent


You are totally right. I was charged an overlimit fee when my balance was not over the limit. When I tryed to resolve the issue they were not helpful at all.


How can our voices be heard? Someone has to stop this bank from being so inconsiderate.

They are not listening to the customers and when you speak to them its like talking to a robot.

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