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I wish I had checked out Juniper before we got my cards with them. My Mom hit a difficult time time due to illness she is 79 yrs old.

We took her to Credit Counseling and they sent out proposals. However of all the ones sent out Juniper says they never received it nor have they ever cashed the check that was wired to them. They kept saying it had to be at least 2% of the amount owed. The credit counseling place was sending way above what they would require.

These people are hard to work with!

Beware all!

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I just had the same experience. I am in credit counseling and they have been recieving their payment.

I notice a late charge so I called them. They say we are not in credit counseling as far as they are concerned we are in their internal debt management program which we never signed up for. I paid the late fee and explained that I needed to sort this out because the credit counseling was going to continue to pay a certain amount and I did not want late fees to rack up which defeated the whole purpose of the credit counseling. He told me he couldn't due it and gave me a phone number that was blocked from my area code.

So I called the number on the bill that said if you are insterested in credit counseling call the number. I did and got an operater that just didn't care.He told me they don't have to talk to the credit counseling company because they are not the account holder but they wanted more money to make to 2%. I said fine send me the paperwork and I would get it sorted out. He told me know they would not put it in writing, they had to follow the proper procedures.

I said fine what are they? He would not tell me. Then he said they (the credit counseling company) had to mail an acceptable proposal and they would respond. I pointed out that he was contracting himself, that if they couldn't talk to the credit counseling how could he respond?

I practicly begged him to tell me what to do to get it sorted and I did not get a straight answer. Needless to say I was pissed and told him he needed to get another job because he was in the wrong line of work. He talked over me the whole conversation. ANyway, I decided to write a complaint letter, not that they'd care but I would feel better.

You cannot find an address to mail a complaint letter to. His name was Mandella and his identification number is 0907.

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